About Us

Fuji Pacific Sdn. Bhd has been in the Japanese foods supply business for near 20 years. Fuji Pacific is officially established in year 1997, in the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. The core business of Fuji Pacific is import and trading. We are specialized in supplying quality Japanese foods and beverage to hotels, restaurants, sushi bar, super market and some local distributors in Malaysia. 
Our main imported products include dry foods items (seaweed, flour, noodles, seasoning sauces, shoyu sauces, vinegar, spice, green tea leaf and etc), frozen foods items (chinmi seasoning items, sakanaboshi, meats, sashimi fishes & seafood, ice cream &etc), air flown fresh items (chilled fish, seafood, vegetable & fruits) and beverage (Japanese sake rice wine, shochu, sparkling drinks &etc).
We are the distributor of the following Famous Brands of Japanese Sake & Shochu:
1. Dassai* 
2. Nanbu Bijin*
3. Ozeki
4. Kubota
5. Hakkaisan
6. Kanchubai
7. Kirishima
8. Jozen Mizunogotoshi
* Sole Distributorship in Malaysia
With effect from 2016, we have introduced online purchase on the range of Japanese sake & sochu we have distributorship in Malaysia. Our objective is to bring these popular and pleasant Sake and Shochu for more to enjoy. We offer free deliver for orders above RM350 within Peninsula Malaysia.